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2021.04.25 (21:59:32)
Class 101, an online teaching platform, offers a variety of classes where you can learn information about areas you would normally find difficult to access, along with different hobbies.

Class 101, which has operated the exercise category since before COVID-19, became a huge hit when the non-face-to-face movement became the 'New Normal' due to the long-term covid-19 fandeicization.

Class 101, where broadcasters, influencers, and other creators work, has prepared special features to push the limits of non-face-to-face movement.

Through a 토토사이트 that communicates directly with creators, students can ask questions in comments during the learning process and share their know-how and results through free conversations between students.

We have also established exercise classes that utilize a variety of instruments, including Self Natural Posture Exercise (SNPE), spinning, and pole dancing. The equipment delivery as well as installation methods were provided to expand the area of the existing home training.

Class 101 officials have opened a variety of classes with the idea that 'everything in the world has learning', and that 'these classes are also possible at home?' we've created a variety of different classes to help you think about it.


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